The Team

Nolan Milojevich
Creative Director
My early life was composed of playing with action figures and competing with the neighbor kids on who could throw things the farthest. I took up digital design as a spindly freshman in high school. In 2007 I graduated Cum Laude from Portland State University with a BS in Communication Studies and promptly missed the final cut at UCLA’s graduate screen writing program.

Finding gainful employment at the local friendly Ferrari dealership instead, I dumped garbages and mop bucket water for the first 7 months while clamoring for any additional responsibility. I took over their eBay merchandise sales and grew that into a six-figure deal in less than a year. I started their social media efforts with a MySpace page while Zuckerberg was still flailing at Harvard.

Within two years I was promoted to handle all aspects of dealership advertising and lead generation. Web design, social media, email marketing, print and web advertising, photography, writing, site analytics, marketing plan creation, reputation management, and other less glamorous duties contributed to the fully formed marketing force-of-nature that is me. Humility, however, was not one of my job responsibilities.

5 years later fates collided and I was presented with the opportunity to do what I love for myself and those around me. So, not much has changed. I’m still seeing how far I can throw things.