Our Logo

The central A/N symbol is an obvious reference to our name. The shared shapes between the letters have deeper meaning relevant to our obsession with efficiency. We stand on the shoulders of giants, and will pay homage to them whenever warranted.


With ancient origins, the laurel wreath represents victory. It is also a reminder to look to one’s ‘laurels’ yet avoid resting on them. We strive to progress in all things, technology never stops and the competition is never far behind.


Superstitious sailors of antiquity tattooed nautical stars to their arms to ensure a safe return home. They are iconic representations of Polaris, the North Star, the only fixed point in the sky. If you can find Polaris, you can find home. Our fixed point is integrity. For us, it’s saying what we mean and doing what we say.


Our colors are white and azure.

White was selected for its purity, universality, and impact.
Its hexadecimal designation is #000000.
Its decimal designation is 0.0.0.
Its binary designation is 00000000.00000000.00000000.

Azure was selected for its soothing yet intense qualities as well as its mathematical balance and beauty.
Its hexadecimal designation is #007FFFF.
Its decimal designation is 0.127.255.
Its binary designation is 00000000.01111111.11111111.
In other words, of its three color channels, the first and last are complete opposite while the middle is a perfect balance between them.